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07 November 2020 @ 07:04 pm


This is my writing space. If you would like to be considered for a space on my friends list, just leave a comment. Let me know who you are and where we've met.

06 April 2009 @ 09:56 pm
Hello everyone, I just wanted to say that I'm going to be making a friend's list cut. It's nothing against any of you it's just that I can't keep up with everyone right now. I'll do my best to keep as many of you as possible.

31 January 2009 @ 12:26 pm
Now that my life is just a tad bit more organized, not saying it's completely organized, but just enough that I can sit down and do this. Throughout my stint with my parents, the cards you guys sent made it better! So thanks to:


And special thanks to scarlett71177! The bracelet was too cute. Thank you.

Not to mention thanks to comedychick, your card got here this week lol. after mass confusion with the mail during Christmas, it's finally here. It got forwarded to my parent's house in Pennsylvania. XD!
12 November 2008 @ 03:54 pm
blog about;

PROMPT: Blog about an item (or items) that you had as a child that was important to you, or was your favorite item at the time, or had some sort of special significance. This can include toys, clothes, blankets, stuffed animals, anything! Feel free to answer the following questions within your blog entry:

1. What was the item?

2. Where did you get it?

3. Why was it important to you, or why was it a favorite item?

4. Do you still have it?

Bookie Bear, my stuffed bear. That is its name. I say its because for all of my life it has been pretty much androgenous. I've never discerned if it was a boy or a girl, even though it is a pink bear. I've had it ever since I can remember. I think I was given it when I was born. My sister received one just like it, but her bear was white. I think the importance of it was that it was very cuddly and I was the only one who had one out of all my friends. I was always a tom-boy and while my friends were carrying around Barbies, I spent my time carrying around Bookie Bear. I carried it around until I was about 6, when I started going to school full time. After that he mostly sat on my bed and to this day he is in my room. I even took him to college with me.

Another item I had was a cabbage patch doll. She was also pink and wore a baby bonnet. So far as I can remember and from looking at pictures, she was a Cabbage Patch Preemie. I lost her in Kmart when I was 6 and my mother never went back for her. I was sad for weeks. I had received her as a present on my 3rd birthday. She was extremely special to me because she was given to me the day before my sister was born. She was my "friend" when my mom was too busy with my sister and my dad was working his 3 jobs. Sad, but it helped me and I'm a happy person today.
30 October 2007 @ 01:25 pm
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